Kids Dentist in Southbury

Kids Dentist in Southbury

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Dental Restorations in Southbury

Part of a comprehensive strategy for keeping your child’s teeth strong and healthy is addressing tooth decay effectively, as well as any damage to teeth, such as chips or cracks. Here at Pediatric Dental Associates of Southbury, restorations are provided to ensure that your child’s teeth have optimal longevity and are far less likely to suffer toothaches, infections, and other complications.

What do we mean when we say restorations? Our kids dentist in Southbury puts in fillings to treat cavities, and places crowns to cover up damaged teeth. In both cases, the primary reason is the same: tooth structure is designed to act as a barrier to keep contamination from affecting the nerve and pulp inside. Any time those protective layers are breached, there is a danger because the inner tooth is exposed to the air, to the effects of hot and cold items, and to the encroachment of bacteria. The more quickly these problems are diagnosed and taken care of, the less chance there is for the worst consequences to occur, which means an infection and the early loss of a tooth. A filling only takes one visit to our kids dentist in Southbury. A crown, on the other hand, means two sessions because the restoration has to be made at the dental lab from impressions taken here at our office. When you bring your child back for a second time, the new crown is placed. A temporary crown is used to keep the tooth effectively shielded in the meantime.

The length of time that any filling or crown will last depends on various factors, including the type of material used, but it’s several years at minimum. In addition to the practical aspects, crowns also have a cosmetic benefit, since a chipped or cracked front tooth will negatively affect your child’s smile. Contact us to arrange an appointment.

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