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06488 Pedodontist

Treating Early Childhood Cavities in 06488

06488 Pedodontist

06488 Pedodontist

What causes pediatric dental decay and the resulting cavities in early childhood, and what can you do to prevent them? It takes a team effort, between you as a parent and our 06488 pedodontist. But with a good strategy of care and also at our office, there is every reason to be optimist that your child’s teeth will sustain significantly fewer incidences of dental decay. That’s what we are dedicated to here at Pediatric Dental Associates of Southbury.

The most notorious cause of decay is dental plaque, and fueled by sugar, this bacterial film erodes your child’s precious tooth enamel. We all know how much children love sugar, but limiting his or her consumption of it is a key aspect to prevention of cavities. Be aware that many products, even ones that you might not think, such as ketchup, have plenty of sugar in them. Even otherwise healthful options like 100% fruit juice should not be overused. Teeth brushing and flossing help a great deal, but even more so if they are done the right way. Our 06488 pedodontist will show your child the best way to do both. Oral hygiene at home will get the majority of the plaque and wash it away. Some may manage to remain out of reach, though, and if so it will turn into hardened tartar. In order to rid your child of tartar buildup, she or he will require a teeth cleaning, recommended every six months. Another component of cavity prevention is the application of sealants by our 06488 pedodontist. This is a simple and painless process, usually done after a teeth cleaning. Sealants are made of liquid plastic that is painted onto the teeth that your child uses the most for chewing. It is then hardened for maximum effectiveness.

Arrange an appointment with our office today. Let us contribute to preventing dental decay and cavities from causing difficulties and discomfort for your child.

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